Joe Leone’s Philosophy is a definition. Excellence (n): a tradition built upon training, quality and service. Simply defined but deep in significance and relevance to all that we represent.

Co-founded in the spring of 1997 in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ by Joseph Leone Introna and John Hilla, Joe Leone’s originated from the passion for baking, cooking and dedication instilled by Joe’s grandparents and John’s determination to achieve success for himself and his brother-in-law.

The desire to be extraordinary at the ordinary, constantly hone our craft, remain relevant to the industry while remaining true to our standards and to realize professional success while making a difference in the community.

Maintaining and expanding upon what we have created. We are already living it! Whoever said that dreams don’t come true? We are thankful for all that we are fortunate to have experienced and look forward to continuing to dream...

Driven philosophically by all members of the Joe Leone’s team, our collective standard is to provide creative, authentic and outstanding products through the vision of culinary excellence and a commitment to quality customer service. Customer loyalty is essential to our success.

Joe Leone's prides itself on being an active member of the community. As a proud contributor to countless charitable organizations, we recognize the value of community involvement and the enrichment of legitimate programs that deliver aid, care, research, time, resources and funding to worthy causes within our local communities on an ongoing basis. We believe that our success is attributable, in part, to our committment to philanthropic endeavors and affords us the means to reciprocate the support and appreciation we have enjoyed over the years. Accordingly, we carefully consider all requests, however, due to the volume of solicitations that we receive, we are not able to accommodate them all.


Please visit our retail locations to apply in person. ALL requests must be accompanied by a solicitation letter on the requesting organizations' letterhead. Be sure to be clear in your request including the date, the product desired, the number of guests expected and your Federal Tax ID number. We require a minimum of 3 weeks notice to process all donation requests. PLEASE NOTE: A successfully submitted request does not guarantee a positive response. Negative outcomes typically do not generate a response. You will be notified by phone or email if your request has been granted.

To keep our fundraising efforts focused and consistent, Joe Leone's will not provide charitable support to Political groups or programs, Lobbying groups, Labor organizations, Third-party fundraising organizations or for-profit businesses.

Good luck in your fundraising efforts!

The Joe Leone’s L’Aquila Earthquake Relief Fund is born...

Dear Friends of Joe Leone’s,

Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of how proud and thankful I am to be an American Italian with a heritage so rich in family roots and fortunate to live in this great country of ours. Thank you for your loyalty to Joe Leone’s: founded on the passion for culinary excellence and superior customer service.

As you may recall, on April 6th 2009, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck L’Aquila, Italy. Over 11,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed, over 60,000 people were left homeless and 308 people died…20 of them children.

Volunteers and myself went to Italy in the recovery efforts, bringing desperately needed supplies for the L’Aquila victims living in the “tent cities”. I spent the next year of my life traveling across the United States, raising funds for the victims. On one of my many return visits to L’Aquila, the idea was born to rebuild a destroyed orphanage in the heart of the affected area. “The Joe Leone’s L’Aquila Earthquake Relief Fund“ was permanently established and the entire “Casa Famiglia” orphanage has been successfully rebuilt for over 36 children that reside there, lovingly cared for by the Zealous Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

I have been blessed to return to Italy often and I felt spiritually compelled to continue in assisting the region by constructing a home next to the orphanage to house and assist battered women (sometimes men) and their children.

You, too, can make a difference in the life of these children and families who are still in crisis today while commemorating your Italian Heritage. Please consider purchasing a paver to support “The Joe Leone’s L’Aquila Earthquake Relief Fund”. Each paver will be inscribed with the name of a family member born in Italy, the date they arrived in America, and the city or region they came from in Italy. In honor of our Italian heritage, the pavers are placed in the pathways encircling a special American Italian Ellis Island Dedication area in front of the Joe Leone’s Italian Specialty Store in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

I hope we can count on your help. All donations are tax deductible and will directly benefit “The Joe Leone’s L’Aquila Earthquake Relief Fund”.

Grazie for your support!

Joseph Leone Introna